Sooner or later, most adult residents think about the issue of housing. Everyone wants to live in a separate apartment, especially those who have created or are planning to create their own family. For many citizens, the most profitable and suitable option to live in their apartment is immediately to take housing in a mortgage. However, taking housing in a mortgage involves the introduction of start-up capital.

Start-up capital is a down payment on a loan, which is individually determined by the bank.

The amount of the entry fee is usually rather large, so many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to take an apartment in a mortgage without a down payment.

For citizens of the Russian Federation there is an opportunity to take out a loan without making a down payment. This opportunity provides Good Finance. Mortgage without a down payment in Good Finance is possible, and it can be obtained subject to certain requirements. In the absence of initial capital, Good Finance can give the go-ahead for a loan if valuable collateral, if there are guarantors or double payment. Good Finance lends to citizens with high incomes, as well as those who own additional real estate.

There are many preferential lending programs for which mortgages are issued to single mothers, military personnel, citizens with high level of cash payments and families who have recently entered into marriage. Most often, the mortgage is issued on the application of family capital, on the condition of double payment or consumer loan, as well as individual or legal entity acts as a guarantor. In this case, to this category of persons are subject to much more stringent conditions than when applying for a mortgage with a down payment.

Mortgage programs

Mortgage programs


So, if a citizen of the Russian Federation decides to mortgage registration with the absence of a down payment, I need to choose a program according to which the bank will issue a loan, then the citizen will be able to take a mortgage. There are four such programs in Good Finance:

  • mortgage loan with support from the state;
  • loan refinancing;
  • family (it is also called maternal) capital and its use;
  • mortgage for the military.

When the program has been defined, be sure to clarify all the conditions for lending to real estate. They are somewhat different from the conditions of a conventional bank loan and the requirements for customers are higher.

  1. You must have a valid Russian citizenship and Russian registration at the place of residence.
  2. A prerequisite is also a steady income, which the client will be able to confirm with documents from his place of work or with any documents that show regular financial payments.
  3. The credit history of a citizen who wants to take home mortgage should be good.
  4. Only persons from 21 to 55 (for women), 60 (for men) years can get a loan for real estate.
  5. When submitting an application to the bank, the employment of the client is taken into account, the work experience at the last place of employment of at least six months is required.

If all conditions are met, the question of documentation arises. Depending on the chosen program, the bank may request various documents, however there are a number of documents that are necessary in any case:

  1. Application form.
  2. Passport or any identity paper.
  3. Paper on the family composition.
  4. A photocopy of the workbook.
  5. The document on wages (this should be a certificate in 2-NDFL-format, or in the form issued by the bank).
  6. Help form 9 of the registration.
  7. Individuals need a document that confirms their rights to real estate.

Various programs allow you to take a loan without a down payment for privileged categories of citizens. Each apartment has its own nuances, considering which, you can arrange an apartment in the mortgage.

Mortgage conditions using family (maternity) capital

Mortgage conditions using family (maternity) capital


Many parents apply for residential property on credit after the birth of a second or third child. As the initial budget in this program comes the family capital, the transfer of which manages the Pension Fund. The program has many positive aspects and gives privileges:

  • newly created couples get benefits at registration;
  • each application is considered on an individual basis;
  • if the couple has co-borrowers, the loan amount may increase;
  • A credit card is issued to the family, which can be of two types: an instant payment card (you can withdraw up to 150 thousand rubles) and a card with a limit (it is possible to withdraw 200 thousand rubles).

Residential object (apartment or house) is issued on preferential terms, the share is given to children and spouses. It is obligatory to have documents on financial solvency and active and regular labor activity. An application to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to transfer the budget to the loan must be submitted within six months.

Conditions for issuing a mortgage for military personnel

Conditions for issuing a mortgage for military personnel


A loan for the purchase of an apartment on a concession has the military, who for three years have been participants in the funded mortgage. That is, they are capital transferred to the borrower on his personal account. It is the transferred funds that will be used as a starting mortgage payment. All subsequent payments will go on mortgage repayment, while own funds are not affected. 2 400 thousand – this is the maximum amount of the loan.

When choosing this program should take into account certain nuances:

  1. Mortgage loan is possible only in the national currency – the ruble.
  2. 9.5% – this is the smallest possible commission.
  3. The loan is issued for a period until the citizen turns 45 years old.
  4. 15 thousand rubles – the minimum amount, and the maximum is 2.4 million rubles.
  5. The bank does not need to document the solvency.
  6. No life insurance required.

Modern residents of Moscow can take advantage of a social housing loan for those who stood in a queue. This is a program in which housing is taken on credit, while it is owned by the municipality. Only citizens of Russia who have a Moscow residence permit, regular earnings and who have claimed for housing property until 01.03.2005 can benefit from it.

The program has two directions:

  1. Buying property at a rate with the use of benefits.
  2. Funds may be transferred to the applicant for the implementation of the initial investment in the purchase of an apartment on credit.

The application for this program must be submitted to the Office of the Department of Housing. After submitting the application, personal business is initiated, and the housing parameters for the family income are determined. The application in the form of a questionnaire in Good Finance is filed within 3 working days, then, already at the Agency, the candidate also fills out the questionnaire and collects all necessary documents.


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