We will all face a need for money in the more or less short term. This need for money will be more or less important and can generate extremely delicate situations in the event of financial difficulties. So you have to be careful about your credit choices.

We will not deal here with money needs of less than 1000 USD because most of the time you will be able to benefit from the help of your loved ones or your family. This is the best solution because credits under 1000 USD are often very expensive (revolving credit) and bank overdrafts are also very high. If no one can advance the money to you, ask your employer for a payday advance. 

If you are not in a salaried position and you are looking for a job, it is normal to need money. Credit agencies and banks, in the vast majority of cases, will not accept to accompany you in your need for money, even if your need for money is to buy a car to find a job for example, they very often prefer to limit the risk of possible non-payment.

In all other cases of need for money, the right solution is to find the best credit. Still, you should not get the wrong type of credit and find the cheapest rate. It is the specialty of Captain Credit. In our comparator, you must choose “Personal loan” for a need for money.

Get the best rates with Sir Credit !

Need for personal money

Need for personal money

There are many situations where you do not want to justify your need for money and this is quite normal. Whether it is to deal with a temporary difficulty, a drop in income, an unexpected bill, the causes can be many.

In this case, the credit adapted to your situation is the personal loan. It is a credit without proof of use of money that is made available to you. You can borrow from 3000 to 40,000 USD in general over periods of 12 to 72 months.

This credit is perfectly suited to a need for money to pay a large bill, provide for children’s studies, travel, prepare for a wedding. This loan can be used to finance anything you want without having to justify the use of funds.

To find the best credit rate for a personal need, Sir Credit, as the N ° 1 credit comparator on the internet, collects all the rates from the main credit organizations and ranks them from the cheapest to the most expensive. Thanks to our exclusive questionnaire, you will not only get the ranking of the best rates tailored to your need for money but you will increase the chances of obtaining this credit.

Indeed, you will be able to choose to interrogate the 3 cheapest organizations with one click. We recommend that you interview at least two. Because it is not uncommon for the credit organization that offers the cheapest rate to be very demanding on the credit application file. To increase your chances of being accepted, you can file 3 requests without obligation, then the credit will only be set up with the person to whom you choose to return your signed file.

Last tip to get the best rate for your money need, take a good look at the rate mentioned on the advance loan offer you will receive. Financial organizations have the right to offer a rate at the start but ultimately to offer you another through the contract they offer you. this rate must be the overall effective annual rate which is legally defined and which is the one you will find in our ranking.

Need money to buy a car

Need money to buy a car

The majority of credits are used to finance the purchase of a new or used car. Credits to finance vehicles are a little cheaper than personal loans because in case of default, the banking organization can come and seize your car.

Do you need money for a car? So opt for the car loan which is cheaper than all rental formulas (LOA, LLD or leasing) as we demonstrated in our exclusive comparison. For this best car loan rate, you will have to justify the use of the money that will be made available to you either by giving a copy of the order form or the registration card.

To find the best car loan, Sir Credit regularly checks the exhaustiveness of the rates charged by the largest credit organizations and only offers cheap credit.

Do not be swayed by offers from dealership finance companies as they are generally more expensive than the market. Your need for money must not prevent you from quietly comparing the offers on the market. These offers can be interesting when they offer very large promotions on credit but suddenly you will probably have more on the car. So remain vigilant for the entire acquisition.

Need money for work or decoration

Need money for work or decoration

One of the main reasons for needing money is to finance work. Whether for construction work, such as for a veranda, a kitchen, a swimming pool or for a need for money for decoration, remaking a child’s room, buying furniture and sofas…

For all these situations, the works credit is the most suitable. The work credit can be a little cheaper than the personal loan, but it is not always the case. Do not worry, Sir Credit raises all the rates of all banking organizations and always offers you the cheapest.

To obtain a work loan, you will need to provide proof of your work.

To meet a need for money for your work, the most suitable credit is therefore the work loan.

Need money because too many credits

Need money because too many credits

If you have already subscribed to one or more credits, you may need money because you do not have enough left at the end of the month. When you need money and you already have credits, it is that the monthly payments to be repaid every month do not leave you enough money to have enough to make up for the month.

In this case, you must combine all your credits into one, with a credit buyout. All your debts will be combined into one, over a slightly longer period (which will cost you a little more) but which will lower your monthly payment and thus meet your need for money.

Need money quickly

Need money quickly

When you need money, you can rarely wait. However, you should not rush at the risk of being tricked and having to repay at far too expensive rates. This is why Sir Credit visits the largest credit organizations for you and raises all the rates they offer for all their types of credit and for all amounts and all durations.
You no longer risk missing out on the best credit offer and being squeezed by your need for quick cash.

When you need money quickly, it is as often as you are going through a difficult period. The credit agencies will logically be more attentive to your situation and you are not sure of being accepted. To make your life easier, we have developed an exclusive questionnaire. You will only have to complete your file with Sir Credit and we will take care of depositing your file for you with the credit organizations you choose.

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