What is the best consumer credit organization? The question comes up often, and it is still just as difficult to answer it with confidence. There are indeed a multitude of criteria on which credit organizations can decide. We will see that the use of a comparator with immediate response makes it easy to identify the organism most suited to each situation.

What is a consumer credit organization?

What is a consumer credit organization?

 A consumer credit organization is an actor whose main activity is credit to individuals, excluding the real estate market . They all try to offer the best credit. But granting the best rate to each client depends quite a bit on the client’s situation.

Which is the best credit institution, on what criteria?

Which is the best credit institution, on what criteria?

Here is the list of criteria on which we will judge the best consumer credit organizations:

  • Level of APR rates
  • Acceptance criteria for applications
  • Fast processing of requests
  • Customer service and mobile app

Which credit agency offers the best rates?

Finding the best rate and getting a first agreement in principle is what interests all future borrowers. It is impossible to draw up a crude and timeless ranking of the best and least good credit organization on the basis of the APR rate . The offers are constantly evolving, depending on promotions and strategic choices. There are also credit organizations without supporting documents, when others choose to position their best rates on car credit solutions, work loans or small revolving credit.

The credit comparator, a major ally

Using a comparator is essential to get the best rate. Special promotions may in fact temporarily place an organization in the lead on specific amounts and durations. Connected to the main specialists, our tool always displays the best rates of the moment. Better, it allows to obtain an immediate first opinion, without engagement.

What our comparator offers:

  • The classification of the best rates for each consumer credit project, based on the APR.
  • An immediate response in principle – and without obligation – from the best credit organization.
  • The possibility of requesting the immediate opinion of the second and third organizations, in the event of an unfavorable opinion at the best rate.

Bankil, Yoabank and Bankate on the front line

Bankil, Yoabank and Bankate on the front line

The big names in credit (Bankil, Yoabank and Bankate) generally offer competitive offers . They also have a seniority allowing them to process files with great efficiency. Their experience plays in the favor of consumers. Experience allows them to measure the risk factor very accurately.

However, it is tricky to go haphazardly luck on the site of one of the great specialists, in the hope of obtaining an agreement in principle. Our experience in the comparison of loans indeed shows that the rate spreads are sometimes very large between the best known players . It is not uncommon for the total cost of the same consumer loan to be two to three times higher between the first and third in the ranking. Above all, the best is not always among these three heavyweights. Organizations such as Franfinance, Oney, Younited Credit and even Banque Casino have managed to find a place on the chessboard.

Comparison of a 10,000 $ loan over 48 months

The best credit agency displays a very attractive rate at the time of our rate statement. However, this is a temporary promotion. There is nothing to indicate that he will still be the best at the end of the offer. Another special operation could well place a better credit organization in pole on these criteria.

What is the fastest organization to send the funds?

You should know that all credit agencies must comply with a law preventing any payment of money before the eighth day following the signing of the contract . This period is even extended to 14 days if the borrower does not check the box allowing the transfer to be released after the seventh day, or does not request it when this mention is absent from the contract. The time saved is therefore rather at the time of the credit request.

Widely adopted by large credit organizations, electronic signatures help speed up the process. It also reduces the list of usual supporting documents (identity document; salary slips; tax notice ; proof of address; RIB), since they can be sent directly online. Younited Credit was the first to offer a 100% online credit solution, without any mandatory paper documents.

Only revolving credit, the amount of which rarely exceeds 4000 USD, generally makes it possible to obtain a credit without tax notice.

Best customer service: Bankil on pole

Bankil has been rewarded for several years for the attention it pays to its customers. The specialist was awarded in 2019 by escda.fr best customer service for the seventh consecutive year, in the category “best credit organization”. The channels available to contact Bankil are no different from those of its competitors (chat, telephone, e-mail, internet browsing, social networks), but the care of the responses provided is always satisfactory. The group has 800 advisers, all experts in their field.

Which is the best credit organization suited to each situation?

Which is the best credit organization suited to each situation?

There is not a better credit agency on all the comparison criteria, but several specialists posting different conditions. The objective of each borrower is to find the agency offering the best rate that will accept the loan application. There is indeed nothing more frustrating than going to a site promising discount rates, only to be refused your loan request. Using our comparator is the guarantee of obtaining a first immediate opinion, without obligation and completely transparent .

How does our credit comparator work?

The operation of our tool is at the same time simple, practical and without engagement. Here is the procedure to follow to identify the best credit organization adapted to your request:

  1. Indicate the project, the desired amount and the expected repayment period.
  2. The next step is a small form. Designed to be completed in four minutes, it allows us to directly question up to three organizations in a single request.
  3. Once the form is completed, the organization offering the best APR rate provides an immediate response in principle.
  4. In the event of a positive opinion on the best credit (acceptability> 50%), a confirmation email detailing the remaining steps is sent within 24 hours.
  5. When the best credit agency refuses the request, it is possible to click on the second, then the third. So many possibilities to get a new immediate notice, without having to redo a form.

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